1. We offer DEMO paddles for customers (Up to 3 Demos) and clubs (Up to 15 demos) to try before you buy.
  2. Customer can take up to 3 demos and up to 2 days (Local players) and 7 days (Actual usage time, excluding mailing time) for shipping customer, $15.00 deposit for 2 (7) days. $15.00 demo deposits become a gift certificate which can be used towards future purchase.
  3. If customer want to try more paddles or if you want to try longer period, we charge an additional $15 per 2 days.
  4. If you are late and we are unable to contact you, we will charge your credit card for the full retail price of the all the paddles. (The full retail price for the paddles is on our website: www.pickleballsuperstore.ca)
  5. Damage to the paddle shall be compensated at retail price (Except for normal wear and tear during use)
  6. If you do not want to leave credit card information. You can choose to pay for the demos in full, and we will refund your payment after you return the demos, we will minus 3% of the transaction fee and other fees (if applicable).
  7. We do not offer free shipping for Demo paddles. The exact shipping cost depends on the number of paddles you need. Two way shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. We will include the return label in the box for you to send the demos back.

Click here to download Authorization Form. Please fill out the form, scan it and email it back to support@pickleballsuperstore.ca. We will use the shipping information provided on the form to create the shipping labels. Once we have the total cost ready we will contact you to process the checkout.

Pickleball superstore will destroy the form once all of the demo paddle have been returned or if the customer decide not to pay for the demo.

Any questions? Contact us: 1 (877) 669-1224 or email: support@pickleballsuperstore.ca