Terms & Condition:

  1. Customers can rent up to 3 paddles for 7 days (Actual usage time, excluding mailing time for shipping customers).
  2. The customer will pay $10 per paddle for a 7 days rental period. For each paddle the full retail price of the paddle must be paid in deposit.
  3. The customer agrees to leave valid contact information either phone or email at checkout.
  4. If a customer wants to demo for a longer period, an additional $10.00 will be charged for another 7 days. 
  5. If the rental period is over we will contact the customer for up to 1 week to receive notification to return the paddle. If we are unable to reach the customer by the contact information they provided at checkout (either/or phone/ email). Then we will assume the customers will keep the demo, and their deposit is no longer refundable.
  6. After the customer agrees to return the paddle, the paddle must be returned within the agreed upon time. If the paddle is not returned we will assume the customers will keep the demo, and their deposit is no longer refundable.
  7. If the paddle is returned damaged, then the deposit is no longer refundable. What is considered damage: snapped handle, cracked/dented surface, snapped/loose edge guard. What is not considered damage: chips and scratches from normal wear and tear.
  8. If the customer requires the rental paddles to be shipped, then the customer will pay shipping both ways. The return shipping labels will be provided in the package being shipped.


Click here to download Authorization Form. Please fill out the form, scan it and email it back to support@pickleballsuperstore.ca. We will use the shipping information provided on the form to create the shipping labels. Once we have the total cost ready we will contact you to process the transaction.

Pickleball superstore will destroy the form once all of the demo paddle have been returned or if the customer decide not to pay for the demo.

Any questions? Contact us: 1 (877) 669-1224 or email: support@pickleballsuperstore.ca